On a rainy dim morning couple of years ago, I remember taking a stroll in the bylanes of Zurich. This setup usually inspired me to make my way to any other quaint little cafe and leave with a Gipfeli and Cappuccino in both hands.

Well, I wasn’t trying to be poetic but that was an exact feeling I relived when I visited La bouchee d’or in the bylanes of Koregaon Park.

When we chanced upon this cafe, we were not really sure if it’s a casual bakery or more than that. We decided to check it ourselves and entered this cozy and comfortable place.

I could not resist but order the Butter Croissant with Cappuccino. Guess what, it is the most authentic version that ever existed in Pune. It’s crisp, light and buttery. Obviously I was already impressed. Cappuccino was served with a mini cake which is more of an European custom. Interesting.

I had my once favorite Quiche after ages and I was surely not disappointed. We went for the Goat cheese and spinach quiche and in no time found ourselves drooling over it. Salad at the side was fresh and added to the whole tastevironment.

My breakfast mate ordered a hot chocolate as recommended by the smiling and courteous staff. My friend found it to be extraordinary and made him happy. BTW the gentleman serving us also told us how the cafe is run by a french owner who has two other cafes in Pune, in Aundh and Boat Club road.

We also tried the Vegetarian Panini which was as well good, very fresh and kind to the palate.

Agreeing that we couldn’t eat more, we exchanged promises to return and left with a good breakfast experience. Damages done were limited to 1100₹.