Koregaon Park is a popular and chic locality in Pune with the most number of cafes and pubs. I used to be a not so regular KP visitor until I chanced upon some very good places to spend quality time, eat good food and meet friendly people.

Sometimes there are these cafes four in a row and you are totally overwhelmed. So I thought I will start with one at a time and come up with a series of posts. Let’s see if I am able to cover them all.

Let’s get started !

Cafe Chai

Cafe Chai

We visited the cafe around 8.30 in the morning on one of the weekdays. It was pretty calm with only two other tables occupied.

As we entered we found the ambiance to be quirky and green. However as we got ourselves seated, we started noticing the unhygienic furniture. We had understood it wasn’t the right pick apparently.

Given the name, I thought of not ordering my regular Cappuccino but went for the Masala Chai.

It costs a whopping 60₹ and tasted quite average. What was more disappointing was the soggy biscuits that were served along. Looked like they never went inside a box but kept hopping from one table to other.

Masala Tea

We decided to not leave without having our breakfast before heading to work and landed up ordering Mushroom Onion Sandwich and Cheese Garlic toast. Sandwich was decent but the latter was again just not right.

Cheese Garlic Toast

My Rating ☕☕

What to try If you do not find any other cafe open that early and you must visit one, could go for the Mushroom Sandwich and definitely not tea (could give coffee a chance too!)

Location South Main Road

Opens at 8am

Cafe London Dreams

This is one of the many cafes in Lane No. 6 hidden in the greens with a competitive neighborhood The Roasted Beans and Kabiro.

Exterior is beautifully setup with the cafe name and the red phone booth grabbing all the attention and giving a London cafe vibe. I was already excited.

Cafe London Dreams – As you enter

This cafe is all about healthy food, turn over the first page of the menu and you would know how seriously they take your nutrition.

From a huge variety we selected Classic Veg Pasta in Pink sauce. Ah what a creamy pasta with exotic vegetables. We loved it and couldn’t wait for the next dish to be placed on our table. I think it is a must try if you are in this cafe.

Next came the Veg grilled sandwich with whole wheat bread. They have a variety of breads you can choose from. Sandwich was fresh and delightful.

Veg Classic Pasta

They had so much to offer in juices and smoothies that I couldn’t resist and for the first time skipped my cappuccino for a Smoothie – Green Apple, Guava, Kiwi and Mint. It tasted great and couldn’t get healthier without any added sugar in it. Cannot be a better start to a bright pleasant morning.

We were stuffed but just didn’t want to leave without trying their Pizza however were not really sure if we want to have it after soaking in all the nutrition. We had almost changed our mind that the chef informed us that the Pizza base is made with Nachni (what, seriously?) We went ahead with London Dream Special Pizza. It is the first time I was going to have a healthy Pizza and the wait was worth it (more than it actually !). Delicious Pizza with a reasonable size.

We had one of it’s kind experience and I am certainly going to visit again (over and over again). It didn’t even burn a hole in our pockets as we just paid close to 1100/-

My Rating ☕☕☕☕☕

What to try Smoothies, Veg Classic Pasta, Sandwiches, Veg Pizza

Location Lane No. 6

Opens at 8am


Have you been to the above cafes and have an experience to share ?

Also do let me know if you have others on mind that you would want me to visit. Would love to hear from you 🙂