I am back as promised with the next cafe I made my way through since my last post. I thought it would be more than just one but such is life, at times it keeps your mornings busy enough to have a decent breakfast in a nice pretty cafe (rant rant 😉 )

Bewildered with the choices Koregaon Park has to offer, I valiantly picked up the next one. While doing this blog, I recall a restaurant banner in Zurich that said “Life is too short to eat a bad soup”. I felt responsible to make a neat choice and went by the google reviews to pick Cafe 1730. This has a whopping 1300+ google reviews almost all good.

Cafe 1730

Entrance gives a bar vibe and it takes a while to fit into it on an early morning. Nevertheless the welcoming sunshine at our tables immediately gave me the breakfast vibe and I settled in pretty quick.

Menu here is very special and has a lot of trivia. It kept us engaged for a while until our super attentive host Deepak Thakur appeared to welcome us.

Such an amazing service this place has to offer that I was already assured of the delicious food that was on our way. Let’s go one by one.


How my first Cappuccino tastes decides my mood for the rest of the day. Well, you can imagine how serious this gets! 😉

Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the one at my table at all. I can’t specifically say what was amiss but it just didn’t work for me.

Cheese Chilly Toast

After our Cafe Chai experience with Chilly Toast, it took us a while to “Keep Calm and Order Cheese Chilly Toast again”. And voila, it was more than perfect. The toast was just done right with right balance of cheese and good amount of tomatoes and chilli flakes.

Stuffed Mushrooms

We wanted to try a mushroom preparation and we chose this over the Butter Garlic Mushrooms. Deep fried mushrooms smothered in cheese and herbs. Quite good.

Veg Penne in Pink sauce

This was the star of our breakfast that morning. Loaded with exotic veggies and just the right amount of cheese, it’s sauce is one of the best I have had so far in my breakfast expedition. A must-try !

We (the stuffed mushrooms) surrendered after a hearty meal and with Zomato Gold’s blessings paid a reasonable amount of close to 1000₹.

My Rating  ☕☕ ☕☕

What to try Cheese Chilly Toast, Pasta

Location Lane No. 6

Opens at 8am on weekends

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