Well, this is the last and final part to the Koregaon Park on your breakfast plate expedition. I will soon come up with my favorite eateries in the locality but for this one, I have to admit it started rough. Cafes in Koregaon Park are disappearing faster than they are adding up.

Persepolis – Where art thou ?

I came to know of a Moroccan themed cafe in town called Persepolis and was obviously excited to sip a Turkish coffee and may be some Mezze. To my utter disappointment when I reached the location, found out that the place is no longer into existence. What stands there now is German Bakery. Persepolis didn’t bother too much to update it online or even answer customer calls.

Pesto Pesto – Neither Nor !

This is one place in KP that opens as early as 7 a.m. I had looked up their menu on Zomato and was keen on the smoothie bowls. When we reached there, we were greeted with a pleasant smile and a cozy decor. When we starting asking for recommendations and details about the food, our server told us that it was his first day at work and so he isn’t all that familiar with the menu. Fair enough. We ordered an Exotic Dragon Smoothie Bowl and an open sandwich.

Neither was available. Most of the menu wasn’t available. We had to actually leave with almost no vegetarian options available.

The Earth Cafe – Gone too soon !

Again, was on my checklist to visit but is shut down. It’s right next to Pesto Pesto.

Cafe Mocha

I had been to this cafe earlier for brunch with a bunch of friends and found it interesting. I wish I could say the same for the breakfast visit.

Decor is quirky and the whole atmosphere is pretty relaxed.

We ordered Bruschettas, I liked the one with sun dried tomatoes, others were just okay. Presentation was pretty photo worthy though.

Mocha Special Veg Panini was good but the wafers at the side were not crisp and we had to get it replaced with fries.

My Rating ☕☕☕

Opens at 10 AM

Location Lane No. 7


I like Koregaon Park. The cafes are full of life, good food and good vibes. Each one of them has something special to offer. While I relish my new found love for sunny breakfasts, keep fooding around !