#1. Apple Crumble at Indulgence

This place is run by Norbert and Mazo. Norbert is from Austria which explains the expertise in tarts and pastries. It is a cozy small bakery in Koregaon Park that has amazing choices of cheesecakes, pastries and what not. All of it comes straight out of their kitchen oven. We tried the blueberry cheesecake, chocolate mousse and apple crumble. That’s how this masterpiece takes a spot on my list.


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#2. Mint Hot Chocolate at Grandmama’s

Not a hot chocolate fan in general, my equation with it changed forever after I sipped my first at this cafe. Must experience this marriage of mint and chocolate and I want to know if there exists a soul that is in denial.

#3. Butter Croissants at Cafe La bouchée d’or

I have expressed my immense fondness of this place and it’s croissants in one of my previous posts and it hasn’t stopped since then. I find their buttery and crispy croissants to be the best ones in Pune. Hit this cafe in Koregaon Park and try it for yourself.

#4. Mushroom Bruschettas at Cafe One O Eight

Mushrooms sauteed in butter, garlic and herbs on a whole wheat toast. Classics never get outdated and the simple flavors of the dishes at this cafe are very appealing.

#5. Cappuccino and Waffles at Cafe Peter Donuts

With so many outlets in the city, my favorite is the one in Bavdhan. Surrounded with hills, this cafe restores fond memories for me. I like their Cappuccino more than that of Starbucks or any other cafe and of course they serve the best waffles in town !

#6. Cheese Chilli Toast at Cafe 1730

As described in one of my posts, this cafe takes its cheese chili toast very seriously. With just the right amount of everything, strongly recommend a toasty morning in Cafe 1730.

This surely doesn’t end here, I will keep coming back with more of my favorites as Pune just doesn’t let me stop fooding around ! 🙂 Meanwhile would love to hear your experience with above spots and the recommended dishes.