The city of Jaipur houses a string of temples and you need at least a month to visit the most popular ones should you visit one each day.

The intricate designs, architecture and historical significance of temples has always fascinated me. Not to mention the stories that stay with the locals and are passed on through generations. Every temple that I could visit during my stay brought to me some blissful moments.

I could only make it to a few from my long wish list but it was all worth the research. Jaipur is a big city and the temples I visited were quite scattered at times. All most all the temples here have fixed timings when the temple is open for worshiping. It is better to check the websites before planning the visit.

Moti Dungri Ganesh Ji Temple

Situated at the top of Moti Dungri (‘Dungri’ means hill), this temple is more than 250 years old and is one of the most popular temples in the city. It is said that the idol was brought from Udaipur and at the time it was already 500 years old.

Temple complex is built in Nagara style of architecture using limestone and marble and is flocked with visitors on Wednesdays as a small fair gets organized for devotees.

Kale Hanuman Ji Temple

Being Hanuman Ji’s devotee myself, I try not to miss a chance to visit Hanuman Temples around me. I was quite keen to visit this one as usually Hanuman idols are either red or orange, it was the first time I was visiting a black idol. This small temple is located near another famous temple of Govind Dev Ji so the visit can be clubbed. It can also be visited on the way to Amer Fort.

It is one the oldest temples in Jaipur known to be 1000 years old. It is very quiet and peaceful from the inside, safe from the bustling market a few meters outside the temple.

Usually remains in news for being visited by celebrities. (who knows I become one too ;))

Govind Dev Ji Temple

City of Jaipur worships Govind Dev Ji like no other deity. I am starting to believe that there is none in the city who doesn’t have religious sentiments towards this temple. Stories of faith and blessings moved me and I decided and pursued my wish of visiting the temple. It was hard though before I could finally make it. This temple has very precise small slots (30-45 mins.) in which worshipers are allowed in. It remains completely closed between 12 and 5 p.m.

Temple complex is quite big and always flocked with numerous visitors. Lost in the bliss, worshipers are singing bhajans, chanting in Krishna’s glory and distributing Prashad to other visitors. It was a mesmerizing sight for me. Krishna’s idol is spectacular and very attractive.

We could see the City Palace windows and balconies from the temple and it was quite a view. The idol was brought from Vrindavan by the found of Jaipur, Raja Sawai Jai Singh Ji II which makes it one of the most important temples for Krishna devotees outside Vrindavan.

Other Popular Temples

There are other temples that one must visit should time permit. Shila Devi Temple is housed in the Amer Fort and the deity is known to be worshiped by the Royal family since generations.

Khole ke Hanuman Ji is a bit far from the city situated on Delhi road. Faith and belief attracts visitors from around the country and makes it one of the most visited temples in Jaipur.

Birla Mandir, stands tall in it’s white marble glory right next to the Moti Dungri Mandir is also worth a visit.

I could go on and on with the endless list of popular temples in the city (almost all of them are). I hope that I am able to discover the unknown and the less known when my faith takes me to Jaipur again.

Till then, keep believing, keep exploring and never let your curious side lose shine !! 🙂