Travelling can bring incredible experiences. When it is about flying to a different country or hiking a mountain, it takes a lot of planning. We list down the places to visit and the foods to try on the trip. It is fun, exciting and planned.

Then there’s this other type of travelling where you wake up before the sun does, take your car out of the parking and you start driving.

In my case, the latter gives me equal pleasure and contentment and in no way do I rank it lower.

The 5 a.m. drives for me have a set destination – coffee. I want to drive into the darkness to see the sky changing colors above me and finally pull over for a cup of coffee.

I selected McDonald’s at Pune-Bangalore highway which opens at 6-6.30 a.m. It is close to 35 kms. from Pune and takes less than an hour to reach.

Early in the morning driving through the city is quiet with just a few vehicles on the road. When paired with soft music and dark sky it disconnects me from the regular chaos and I feel closer to myself. We have all experienced the train journeys when as little kids we used to peep out of the window and see the trees go out of sight. We may not have that luxury any more due to our fast pace lives, but seeing the trees passing by still thrills me.

As the highway starts, it gets quieter and you meet the gleaming stars above and the dark giant mountains standing still. I have always had an amazing feeling about mountains, stars and darkness and it cannot get better with all coming together at once.

Besides that, seeing the sky change colors is a splendor to witness as you drive. The pink tint that slowly takes over the sky looks magnificent.

After the toll is passed, McDonald’s can be located within 10 mins. It’s a nothing-fancy small stop over right next to the petrol pump.

Talking about the coffee, it isn’t that great. Of Course we know it 😉 After all, coffee was only a sheer excuse. It was all about the journey and a humble meet and greet with nature.

Tick-off list with places and sights should sometimes be replaced with “Stars”, “Mountains” and likes.

They can act as a quick detox that needs no planning especially if your good fortune places you in a city like Pune.

Happy driving you all !