Pattaya is a beautiful beach city located at about 2 hours from the capital city of Bangkok. The city is popular for its clean beaches, night life and its red light district Walking Street.
Thailand is usually associated with the huge variety of non-vegetarian food it has to offer. And truly so 😉
The picture is taken right outside the Central Mall. Sweet isn’t it??

It might get overwhelming for vegetarians looking at the food section of the popular night markets or the huge food courts in malls.

However this isn’t all and there is absolutely nothing to worry. The little cozy cafes in Pattaya have so much to offer. Thai cuisine is not at all disappointing for Vegetarians and this is why.

Sticky Rice with Mango

Apprehensive as I was in trying out this Thai dessert that includes rice, it turned out to be a delicious treat. A special and unique combination of sticky rice, mangoes and coconut milk. A must-try when in Thailand !


Som Tam (Papaya salad)

Now now – Spice Alert !!  I had this shortlisted and was expecting a mildly sweet salad (of course it’s a fruit salad after all). However this one is an extremely hot salad made out of unripe green papaya with lots of nuts in it.

PS. I can taste the chillis as I write in praise of the salad weeks after 😉


Phad Thai

Phad thai (or Pad thai) is a stir-fried rice noodles dish served with a lot of veggies as requested. Vegetarian version excludes eggs, fish and uses soy sauce. Very filling and delicious.


Thai Iced Tea

How can one resist this cold icy tea when in hot and humid Thailand. Next to the fresh mango juices, this became my personal favorite.


There are plenty of cafes and restaurants lined up on the vibrant and popular Beach Rd. and the street that runs in parallel houses some cozy eateries and giant street food corners. While street stalls are more for sea food loves, cafes are a better go-to place for a safe vegetarian meal 😉