After exhausting almost all the Cafes in Koregaon Park, we were looking for a new place for another great breakfast. And came in a recommendation for a cafe in Kalyani Nagar called Le Flamington. The kitchen belongs to Mr. Khan who specializes in Chocolates. Sure thing!

As we entered we were greeted by the super friendly owner and the sweet aroma of chocolates and coffee. We then poured ourselves over the menu together with the staff. How attentively did they took us through different choices and made sure that we ordered the right one for us. We were impressed !

I was going to go for my regular Cappuccino but was suggested a super awesome Mocha 72% made from chocolate beans from Venezuela. So their Mocha’s are pure chocolate and milk with no added sugar or syrup. The brilliantly smooth flavor was pure bliss. Later I did have the Cappuccino also, obviously I can’t barter that with anything ;-)☕

Spinach and Corn Quiche here is a must try- just go for it! It’s mouth-watering, the best of the ones we have tried in the city.

Then comes the Cheese Mushroom Olive Omelette, pretty decent too. 🍳 Vanilla Marshmallows were offered to taste and turned out fresh and nice.

Out of the whole experience, the only one that didn’t impress was the Wellington. It felt like paying a whopping 225₹ for a Veg Puff 😉 Anyways, just a bad choice may be.

All in all, a great cafe and we are surely coming back to Mr. Khan’s kitchen with so much promise. And next time we plan to not get ourselves miserably stuffed and give chocolate a chance. 🍩