On a super warm Friday afternoon, we stopped by this quirky popular place in Kalyani Nagar called Mineority By Saby.
Ambiance is 10/10 🌟 It’s colorful and spacious. I was glued to the wall besides us, why? Look at this 👇

Anyways, we were then greeted by our happy and excited host Mr. Prakash Chaudhari 🏆Staff & Service 10/10 🌟 Prakash convinced us to try their signature dishes and stayed passionate about the origin of the dishes and how they are customized by their kitchen yet maintaining the authenticity. We gave in to his excited and boy, we were stumped.So the Taste 10/10 🌟

Litti Chokha and Ghugni

This traditional dish originates from northern part of India and is popular mostly in Bihar, Jharkhand and U.P. Prakash explained to us how they take time to coal roast it and it’s worth it in the end. Litti (the dumpling) is made from whole wheat flour with Sattu filled in and Chokha is made from Brinjal. Ghugni is the yellow peas preparation on the side. Delicious!

Chanar Dalna


Beautiful dish from Bengal made out of cottage cheese and potatoes. Just look at this! Parathas served with the dish came in hot and soft. Extremely delicious and highly recommended.

Virgin Mojitos

You can select from a variety of fresh fruit Mojitos, watermelon, pomegranate, apple, they have it all. We went for Pomegranate and it was refreshing

How can I not mention about how the check was passed to us. Quite creative I must say.

So we loved the place, a little pricey but quite usual for a cafe like this in Kalyani Nagar. We are certainly visiting again ❤️