For me, my Cappuccino is important. (those who know me will read “very” important:-)). My criteria of a good cappuccino is of course the taste, the cup that holds it and the setting in which it is served. Needless to mention the smiling face that serves it.

What is a Cappuccino?

Though there are different versions served today, technically a cup of Cappuccino that i know of is in 3 layers, one layer each of Espresso, hot milk and milk foam. It originates from Italy and Italians like to have their Cappuccino warm and not as hot as we Indians do. I have had my own experience standing in a cute little cafe in Milan asking for a hot Cappuccino 😃Nevertheless, whatever the composition is, Cappuccino tastes real and just works to kick start my morning or even a conversation. It never fails me. Cafes I have listed here are the ones I have most enjoyed my Cappuccino in. Credits also go to the ambience, company and the overall mood of the cafe.

1. Cafe Peter, Bavdhan

It was a rainy day when I first visited this cafe surrounded with hills and clouds. It was a fantastic view. I was meeting a friend and I was sure its indicating good times ahead and sure it did.This cafe is by far my favourite location. The red interiors add to the quirk and just blend well with the coffee mood. Cappuccino here is great and the staff is courteous. They also serve some great omelettes.

2. La Bouchee d’or, Koregaon Park

This one I have detailed out in one of my previous blogs.

On a rainy dim morning couple of years ago, I remember taking a stroll in the bylanes of Zurich. This setup usually inspired me to make my way to any other quaint little cafe and leave with a Gipfeli and Cappuccino in both hands.

Well, I wasn’t trying to be poetic but that was an exact feeling I relived when I visited La bouchee d’or in the bylanes of Koregaon Park.

Excellent Cappuccino is served with a smiling and talkative barista. Never miss the crisp Butter Croissant 🥐when enjoying your Cappuccino at La Bouchee d’Or.

3. Le Flamington, Kalyani Nagar

The chef here is a trained Chocolatier, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America 🍽️. The staff is super excited about serving their customers and ensuring the right dish is served. Great Cappuccino that competes strong with the Mocha is served at this cafe. Try their Quiche and Marshmallows and you might just make your day ☺️

Let me know if you agree, disagree or in case you have a Cappuccino recommendation !!🤓